Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The view from my back door

Most of these flowers on the lower level are day lillies. Above is a bleeding heart and a peony and the bush to the left side had the prettiest pink blossoms on it. I don't know what it is, but wish it lasted longer.

This fish is my DH art work. He was a welder at one time and used scrap metal to make lots of fun things. He made 2 dinosaurs! I'll try to find a photo of them. He is quite an artist! We went to a "hunny do" quilting class and he is better at cutting fabric than I am. He is so precise and takes his time to do sure every cut is perfect. After the class I found out the reason he agreed to go with me was so he could go on a fishing weekend with some of his buddys!!

This is the other side of the wall in the back yard. The red flowers are fern peonys. They are beautiful, but don't last long. On the top corner of the wall there are yellow iris in bloom.

On top of this section of the wall are iris. These are the green dots I saw awhile back. Look at all the wonderful greenery now. I love spring.

And my grandson!

Carson is trying to decide if he can eat this toy! He's been chewing on everything and his first tooth finally popped thru.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

You can teach an old dog new tricks.

My son was home a couple weeks ago and was showing me pictures of his vacation. He popped out a little blank memory chip from my computer and put his in from his camera. I didn't know it was even there! That makes posting pictures much faster. I really need to learn more about my computer ;-) This is a shot of my birthday flowers. The white stuff was really silver. Very pretty!

This is a picture of my new kitchen. I l.o.v.e these drawers. I have a set on both sides of the stove. No more crawling into the cupboard to find a pan that is buried clear in the back under everything else.

This is the bar on one end of the kitchen. In back of the bar stools is the dining room table and hutch.

This one is looking from the other direction. If you were to look really close you could see the table which is covered still with "stuff" that needs to find a home.

This shows the sink and window. We had a window there, but I was trying to talk DH into letting me put in a new window with an arch in the top. Didn't work! I am going to make a roman shade for the window when I finally decide what color to paint.

And look what I found when I opened the cupboard door! Carson doesn't know what's going on but he still has a smile for us. I hope to show more pictures soon. It seems like I have been so busy, but I don't get anything accomplished. Our back yard looks so pretty with all the flowers coming up. Way better than the snow we had earlier.