Sunday, April 22, 2012


Some of the fern peony bud's are opening. They resemble a rose when it's opened up.

Iris' we moved earlier this year. I didn't think they would make it, but they are so pretty. They are more purple than they look in this photo.

These are the flowers that won't climb the trellis. They are so wound up in a ball I couldn't even
untangle enough of them to start up the trellis. Guess next year I'll have to start working on them sooner.

This is the right side of the trellis with the flowers actually climbing like they are suppose to!!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Dad's Gift of Love

My parents built their house in 1980. They are both gone now and we bought their home. These are pictures of the back yard. My dad loved gardening and doing yard work. He worked outside every day in the summer either mowing or gathering food from the garden. This year Mother Nature has blessed us with beautiful flowers and plants.

My tribute to Mom and Dad.

I tried to get these pictures in order, but they didn't post the way I wanted them to.

This is the left side of the yard when we are looking out from the patio.

This shows part of the right side of the yard. And you can see the steps in the middle. Can you see the fish on the garage?

This is the far left side of our lot. Above the wall is another family's back yard.

This is a Fern Peony. The buds are about 1 inch across. It is just georgous when it's blooming. Look at all the buds!

Bleeding Hearts are blooming on both sides of the steps. I didn't realize how fast they spread. We had to dig up some of the plants and move them to other areas because they were getting so thick.

Hostas are wonderful. No work and they grow like crazy! These are along the side of the house.

More Hostas. I love the white on the leaves. These are along the garage that is at the top of our lot. You can see this garage in the picture where is the fish is. These Hostas were planted just last year and look how good they are doing.

I don't know what this pink bush is, but it is so pretty. The colors don't show up very good in this picture. There is another one beside it that we moved when we enlarged the garden. The blossoms look like pink popcorn.

And finally, little bits of sunshine. Aren't the flowers beautiful. We are so lucky that we haven't had a freeze since everything started blooming.