Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dear Santa

Dear Santa, First I'm being a good girl and letting friends know where to go for a fun giveaway. Go to www.fatquartershop.com and find their blog for the details of the giveaway.

Now down to the nitty gritty, Santa. I would like a Figgy Pudding jelly roll for Christmas. Yes, yes, I know that I have lots of fabric keeping my sewing room insulated, but there is always a small space somewhere that I can stuff more fabric, I mean insulation, into. I have been a good girl most of the year. Some things we just don't need to discuss in a public forum, OK?? I eat my vegetables, and keep my sewing room clean. (OK....I TRY to keep my sewing room clean). I promise to do better in the new year. I will leave you a shot & a beer, oops I mean some milk and cookies. Love, Patty

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