Monday, April 19, 2010

OK so I don't know what I'm doing yet

Look what I posted!! Finally. I won these 2 darling bowls and a home made card (so cute) from Sheri Howard about a year ago, well maybe only 1 month ago, but I finally have time to post about it. They are so cute. Look how cute they are on the inside too.

That's the card sticking out of the bowl.

And if you didn't notice you might have to turn your head sideways for the first pic which was supposed to be the last one posted. I wanted to show how the cute bowls matched a pitcher I already have on the shelves in my kitchen. And the color in the last pic is the true color of the bowls. I was playing with my camera...using flash, no flash, auto flash and lots of other buttons I really didn't know what they were for.
I've been unable to concentrate on anything since the early part of March. I'm hoping I will start making some progress and get a few things accomplished. You know, like spring cleaning. I'm talking about spring of 2008 tho. And organizing my fabrics so I can find my stash. Right now it's kind of piled in a closet way away from everything. I had to clear off the bed and move the piles that were on the floor when we had company last month. But pretty much ever since we moved 2 years ago, my stash has been in hiding. I hope I can remember where it is when I finally get time to sew. Sew?? Wonder. what. that. word. means. I. think. I. am. slowly. losing. my. memory.


Jean said...

woo hoo you posted pix! Great job and I love those bowls...very pretty.

Linda said...

Lovely to see pictures on your blog. I can look at them while laying on my pillow! Ha, ha.