Saturday, August 14, 2010

The new man in my life

The new love in my life, my grandson, who I am trying to get to burp. See him giving me the "hey grandma where is the rest of my bottle" stare? And I think he's going to have red hair like his daddy. DH is gone fishing, so Baby spent the night with me so his parents could get a full night's sleep. How soon you forget how baby wants to eat every few hours and doesn't care what time of the night it is. But he's so cute, it's worth the lack of sleep. He's going to spend a night with me again next week while his parents go to a wedding. So I'm getting lots of cuddling time with him.


Janet said...

He is so cute. You are so blessed. :) I hope to have grandchildren some day.

Linda said...

A young man who keeps you up all night? Sounds 'bout right that a fella that cute could do that to a person. Lucky you!

Em said...

How precious!!!! I love how alert his eyes are and what a joy to get to be with him so often and your own time together! Thanks for sharing an updated photo!!!