Thursday, January 13, 2011

Christmas stockings

I made these Stockings for Christmas, took a picture of them and then forgot to post them. Carson is my 6 month old grandson, so of course I wanted to make him one. I have for all the grandkids. But Carson's mom thought Daisy should have a stocking too. If you look at the pic closer you will see it is puppy fabric, for the puppy named Daisy! And just to be fair, I put a box of doggy treats in the stocking for her so she wouldn't feel left out. LOL
Carson is really starting to notice the puppy. Daisy runs around the room and Carson watches her and giggles. It's fun to watch them "play together" !


QuiltSue said...

They're so cute. I'd love to now how you did the names.

Linda said...

Those are very nice stockings. Nice and big! Looks like you have an embroidery machine and you've made good use of it.