Friday, January 28, 2011

Circle & Spin/My Head is Spinning

OK the blocks are all sewn and trimmed to size. So I laid them out on the floor. Then I had to move a couple of the blocks around because two of the same colors were too close to each other.
Then I moved a few more around and looked at it for awhile, decided to move some more and
I thought I needed to move a couple more.............................uggggg........I decided they are fine.
I sewed them together.
I laid them back on the floor to see how it looked. But then I had another idea. Since I don't have a real design wall, I hung the quilt over the cabinets with my button jars holding the top in place.

That looks a little better even tho it's not hanging very straight. And I am happy that it is together. Another UFO finished. (not counting borders)

I looked thru my stash for a border fabric. This one looks like it has lots of blue in it but it's really green & brown. It's the only large pieced I have in colors to match the quilt. Don't know if I really like it so I guess I will "have to" go to the LQS to try out different fabrics for the borders. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!


Linda said...

Very pretty, Patty. I don't often work with batiks, but I really like your colors. Wow, and curved piecing too! You are sure tackling some great stuff.

Kim D. said...

Beautiful quilt Patty, good luck finding a border fabric. You could use any number of the colors in the quilt. I bet you needed a trip to the LQS anyway. :^).

JJ said...

Your quilt is looking good. I love circles.

Jean said...

Woohoo! Great job! the border will go quickly...can't wait to see it. I am with you on laying out. I move them around and around until I drive myself crazy!
btw, I am teaching this class in CB next month if you know anyone who wants to make it.