Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Birthday

My oldest 2 granddaughters celebrated their birthdays on Sunday. Both were born in February.(Grandma forgot her camera so this is an older picture) The girls are now 7 & 9. We had so much fun playing with the grandkids. The girls decorated their cake as a yard full of snow using white frosting, coconut, sugar cubes and Lego people. Really cute! One guy fell head first into a pile of (frosting) snow. Some of the Lego guys were having snow ball fights with "square" snow balls and even had a snow fort.


Barb said...

How fun....I know you must be so proud of them....lucky you!!

fabricartist21 said...

What beautiful grandaughters! Yes I agree with Barbara you are very lucky and so am I. I have 12 grandchildren. They are so wonderful.

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