Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Kitchen Mess

This is a photo of part of the new cabinets. The wood is not as dark as it looks, but I just took these tonight and the light isn't the best. I am getting moss green countertops. The white ones are from the old cabinets and we set them on top so we had space to put things. I cannot believe how unhandy it is to not have a counter top or a sink. It doesn't show very good in the picture but the lower cabinets are 3 drawers that roll all the way out. I love them! No more crawling on my knees with my head inside the cabinet looking for something. I will take more pictures later on and show more of the finished kitchen. This wall is opposite from the stove. If you notice under the window is a plastic table we use as our countertop!! LOL One nice thing is the dishwasher still works, but we are using paper plates part of the time. The space about the sink is where I am going to put a few dishes or decrative plates. Under the little arch is a white shade which won't show when I put the valance back. Did you notice the toaster on the right side. DH loves his morning toast. I haven't decided what color to paint, but am thinking gray. If I was really gutsy I'd go with a brick red.
This is part of the "STUFF" that came out of the cabinates. And if you look on the left side you'll see my very cute quilt rack. I'll show a better picture of it later, and tell you about its story.
And this is the other side of the pile of "STUFF" that was in there too. There will be some major purging when it's time to put things back. The blue & red circlular thing is Carson's toy. Just ignore it. In time I also hope to replace the fireplace surround or else take it off and repaint it. I'd like something not shiney.
This is a picture of my laundry room with some of the old cabinets in it. I am standing in the opposite cornor of the room taking this picutre. The washer & dryer are on my left side and there are cabinets to match these from the kitchen already over the washer/dryer. When we moved in there was a freezer in this space, which we moved so we could put in these extra cupboards. I'm going to have so much space I won't be able to find things without a map. Maybe I'll stick a note to the door of each one and list what's inside. ;-)

And finally the garage, the resting place for displaced cupboards. My brother wants them for a rental house he's remodeling, but he is out of state on vacation. So DH can't park his pick up inside. I was lucky cos they unloaded the new cubards on my side and now it's empty!! It doesn't really matter now since it hasn't been snowing. I bet I shouldn't have said that. Now we'll probably get a huge snow storm. (knock on wood)

When everything is finished and put away I'll show some more pictures. It will look much better I promise.

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Kim D. said...

It looks really nice Patti, I bet it feels so good to get a new kitchen. Good idea to use those cabinets in the laundry room. One can always use extra cabinet space.