Sunday, April 3, 2011

project in the works

I found this charm pack in my stash and sewed them together. Then went looking for a border and foung the one in the pic above. The border is from a different line but it has all the right colors and I liked them together. It will have a green print backing that is the same line as the border. I have started straight line quilting it. It's something bright to look at while I am waiting for some sun shine.

Warning the following is may want to stop reading here.

My DH had major back surgery on the 21st of March. Today is the first day he is feeling a little better. Which is very good for me and his friends. Two of his close friends were coming in every day to help him with what ever he needed. They were angels to me because I have a job out of town. I would put DH pills in envelopes with the time of day on them. Found out that worked well. But he still needed fed and help getting up. I couldn't take time off work because I just started work on March 7 after being off work for 3 months. Now that he is off work I was very fortunate to have found a job. Time to go, more later.


Barb said...

Your quilt is going to be sooooo wonderful. It is good that your husband has the friends to help him, I know this must have been a source of stress for you and with you working and glad it has worked out.

Jean said...

:Love the quilt and glad your husband is doing better. Back surgery can be the pits!