Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Is this Heaven? No it's (the AQS Show in) Iowa!

This is what you see from the upper floor when you are walking into the AQS show that was held at the end of Sept. in Des Moines, Iowa. WOW!! This is only about 1/4 of what you can see walking past the windows. The pictures are some close-ups of the quilts. They were fantastic. Look at the beading and quilting on this one.

I cannot imagine sitting still long enough to do all of this beading. This quilt was over 5 feet long and had beading running thru it.

Look closely at the quilting on this one. It was fantastic. I would love to be able to do this. This is a portion of the stem and background.

Isn't this applique great! It was large and ran from top to bottom of this quilt. I would love to do applique large like this. I haven't done applique yet, but this is large pieces and looks like I could do it.

This DWR just glowed from the center out. This quilt is on my bucket list!

This quilt is called the Christmas Pickle, I think. I have the book it's in because it's another one I'd like to make. I LOVE the greens in this quilt. They are more of an olive or dull green, not the bright Christmas green. She did a great job with this quilt.

More great beading and some couching of yarn or heavy threads. The whole quilt is quilted and beaded like this close-up. Just wonderful work.

I took this photo from the side of the quilt. The petals in the flower are 3D. It was so vibrant!

I am not sure if this is made with ribbons or fabric strips. I love the 3D movement in this.

This is from a full size quilt. The appliqued flowers were huge! And such beautiful fabrics.

This is a big white flower and the purple is the middle of it. The detail is amazing.

I just love quilt shows!


Linda said...

I took the same sort of photos you did... close-ups of the quilting. Hopefully I can refer to them as inspiration for future quilting. So glad you made it to the show, but I'm sorry we didn't get to connect this year.

QuiltSue said...

Thanks so much for the close ups. I love to be able to see the detail of quilting and stitching.

imquilternity said...

Those were wonderful photos of wonderful quilts. I love all the detail you showed. It's inspirational to say the least. I wish I had the time to get something like that done.