Thursday, December 29, 2011

The late Wedding Quilt

My nephew got married in August and I was making them a flannel quilt. I decided to go with a Christmas/Snowman theme because they live in an apartment at this time and I don't know what colors they will choose when they get a home. I started the quilt early enough so it would be finished before the wedding. But that didn't happen.

Notice the red squares in the center? There was supposed to be enough red in the kit to make the second border which is now the light colored stripe.

This photo shows the border a little better. From a distance it doesn't stand out like it would have if it was red.

I got this kit last year or probably the year before at an after Christmas sale but I still thought I'd try to find some of the red fabric on the internet. I was so excited that I actually found the red fabric and I ordered it. Duh! The fabric arrived and it was cotton, not flannel. In my excitement to have found the matching fabric, I hadn't even noticed that little fact when I ordered it.

I didn't want to mix the cotton with the flannel because of shrinkage so I carried the center of the quilt to lots of quilt shops looking for a red that would go with the red in the quilt. Well it turns out that I couldn't find any red flannel that was even close. Finally at one shop I spotted the stripe fabric in a kit (it was to make a two sided baby's receiving blanket) and grabbed that kit. I figured one of the fabrics that was already in the quilt would be better than something that didn't match.

Plus as a bonus, there was enough of the stripe that I could use it as the binding. I love striped bindings! The above photo is the back of the quilt. The flannel is so soft and cuddley I think I'll make myself one! Just add it to the list of UFOs and quilts I want to make some day. LOL !! My list is probably 4 pages long by now.

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Jessica said...

I love the striped binding. What a cute quilt!