Monday, January 11, 2010

Is it too late for new year's resolutions

I need to get something accomplished.
1. I have way too many UFO's taking over my sewing space.
2. I want to figure out how to post pics. The 2 already on my blog were sent to me from my son and somehow I managed to move them to the blog.
3. I need someone to give me a kick start!! ;)

p.s. I really did do some decluttering over the weekend. Also did some when I put the Christmas decorations away. Sorted out what I really wanted to keep and boxed up the rest for a fund raiser our library has the first of November. So in November all I'll need to do is grab the boxes and deliver them. I even thought far enough ahead to put them in the closet last, so they aren't buried among the rest of the decorations.

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Linda said...

Make a list of just ten UFOs you'd like to finish in 2010. Then visit my blog to pick up your "Ten in '10" button, and post your list of ten projects. Let me know if I can walk you through how to do that, and post pictures.