Thursday, January 21, 2010

It was dark down there

I was sewing like a crazed woman, kind of, trying to get some projects finished and the electricity went off about midnight last night. My sewing room is in the basement. Now I'm not the most organized person so I was worried about walking thru the basement trying to remember where piles of projects may be setting, along with chairs and whatever may be lurking down there. But DH actually heard me yelling for him to get me a flashlight. Lesson learned, I need to get a flashlight and keep it close by from now on. And since it was midnight, I really didn't feel too bad about quitting for the night and going to bed.


Linda said...

I sew in a basement too. Yes, it can get quite dark when the power goes out. Try going from 13 lights to none in one second! Scary. Happily, it hasn't happened for a long time. Guess the ice storm in your area was a doozy!

Pat said...

I'm sure it was a bit scary to have that happen!

Jean said...

I wondered if you had lost power...I haven't talked to any of my family. Is it back on now?