Friday, January 22, 2010

It's raining ice

It sounded like rain hitting the ground this morning. I went outside to check & it was ice falling off the trees. The branches over my driveway hung so low yesterday that they hit the top of the car. Today there are little chunks of ice all over. Every once in awhile while I was driving down the street I was hit with pieces of ice. What a strange sensation. Now if they would only plow the streets and get rid of the slush. It's worse than a gravel road.

I started sewing a Project Linus quilt last night and got going and ended up stitching a few pieces wrong. Now I'll have to "unsew" a few seams and pay more attention. I am also making pillow cases for the 1,000,000 pillow case project. Really quick and easy with a serger.


Kim D. said...

We had lots of rain here and quite the storm. I hope your ice melts soon.

soggibottom said...

We have rain over the other side of the pleased that our snow has gone and Spring is on it's way...
At least it's a start when the ice melts. x x x