Monday, April 5, 2010

no time

I will be back posting sometime when things slow down. After the death of my father, my priest, another lady I worked with, now there is an elderly woman from town that I knew who died. I am so far behind, but still am peaking at blogs once in awhile. I need a break from the phones and people coming in. We are planning for Fr Paul's funeral and dinner on Friday. It's hard to come up with the number of people who will be at the lunch, but right now we are planning for around 900. Hopefully, Friday will be nice outside, no rain, no wind. But for now we are struggling day to day to keep everything going.


Barb said...

wow...I am so sorry...I know this must be very taxing on you.....come to Amerika Samoa and get some rest....Hang in there!!

marissa said...

oh my I am so sorry for all the loss you are experiences I hope that you get the space and quite that you need to recoup.

Em said...

I wish I was there to help you. I cannot imagine how hard it must be to emotionally be handling these loved ones dying and then taking on a luncheon for a town. You are an amazing person CELEBRATING those you love and I hope you are also CELEBRATING yourself by taking care of yourself. Love, Em