Monday, January 24, 2011

4 Patch Posy

Wow I didn't realize it's been so long since I posted. I don't think I was that busy LOL. I've been working on another UFO before I finish my circle quilt. When I started this one I used a dull purple for the cornerstones. But that was too dark and I didn't like it. A friend of mine started digging thru the fabric stash and found this gold batik. So I unsewed a little to replace the purple with the gold. I like it much more this way. It really made a big difference, brightened the whole quilt. Maybe that's why I have so many UFOs. There is something that isn't quite right and I can't decide what it needs.

I took a couple photos of the individual blocks so you can see the way they turned out. This is my first 4 Patch Posy and I think it turned out pretty good. The photos aren't all the best because I couldn't take it outside (not with 3 feet of snow on the ground burrrrr) and I wonder if the metalic in the fabric made some of the photos look fuzzy.

This is the finished quilt. I laid it on the floor in the living room because I didn't have anywhere to hang it and no one to hold it. I stood on the fireplace hearth. I was concentrating so hard on getting a good picture that I almost forgot I had to step down, and ended up doing a very clumsy jump to get down. I always feel dumb when I do things like that when others are around. Have you seen the video of the lady in a mall, texting and she fell into a little "pond" , the kind that you throw coins into? Well it's been replaying on our news the last couple days. That's how I felt when I jumped....did anyone see me???

This doesn't have the last border sewn on, but I wanted to show the narrow green border I put on. I wanted something to seperate the sashing from the final border. And I think the gold flower is so cute.


Just Ramblin' said...

Love your quilt! Nola

carol fun said...

What a beautiful quilt! I love Stack-n-Whack in all its variations and this one is just stunning! Happy stitching-

Jean said...

This is very pretty are on a roll, girl!