Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mug Rugs for Me

kleenix holder for my purse .... it is red and matches the mug rugs, but the colors in the photo didn't turn out true. I had a hard time posting my photos today. Don't know for sure what I did wrong.

These mug rugs are from my exchange partner, Irene, from Canada. I just love red! and these are perfect. Wonderful sewing and great fabric choices. Look at all the cute fabrics. Irene even included a purse size kleenex holder. Isn't is darling? Plus a big emery board. I can't tell you how many times I've looked for my tiny one in my purse when I'm sewing and have a rough fingernail that catches on fabrics, which drives me nuts! So THANK YOU Irene! I love my gifts.
Plus this is so fun...the gal I sent my mug rugs to, Gerrie, knows Irene (because of facebook), who sent these mug rugs to me. They are both from Canada and met thru facebook. So now I'm going to try to find them too.

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Em said...

Patty, The Kleenex holder is awesom!!!! Now you just need me to send a Bargello Kleenex pack to you and it will be a quilt inside a quilt! Em