Monday, January 2, 2012

Measure Twice ?

In my case I should have measured 3 times...height, width and DEPTH! But didn't think about the last one. We had the ice maker hooked up and pushed the fridge back and Whoops!! The front of it stuck out past the woodwork and door knob of the laundry room.

This is how it looked from the laundry room. It was a monster size fridge. DH, myself nor the salesman thought about the deepth of it. When we remodled the kitchen earlier this year our carpenter asked if we wanted the hole large enough for the new fridges. (ours was an old fridge and not as wide) I was glad he mentioned it because I would never have thought about it.

We are getting our new fridge as I write this so I'll have to show pics tomorrow. We had to special order it because the store didn't keep that size in store. The one we ordered is called counter depth.

I learned now to measure at least 3 times!!